Logistics and Transportation Services

• Parcels at excellent prices with the best national and international carriers.

• Direct light cargo transport and hotshots.

• Less than truck loads (LTL).

• Full truck loads (FTL).
o Standard dry box.
o Refrigerated.
o Flatbeds, step decks or lowboys.
o Bulk tanks.

• Freight container transport for chassis from 20 to 40 feet.

• Crossdocking service.

• Coordination and handling of shipments with immediate personalized response.

• Commercial trucks for border crossing.

Warehousing and Inventories Services

• Reception, unloading, loading, storage and dispatch of shipments for redistributing and point of sale.

• Specialized storage for hazardous materials (HAZMAT).

• Package and bundles labeling.

• Hand unload and repacking of cargo.

• Inventories and operations report online.

Customs Brokers for National and International Services

  • Importer in case of not having an importer’s assigned number or registration, besides of been registered to import the following special products:
    • Steelmaking
    • Steelmaking products
    • Textile products